Recruitment of specialists

in IT and Digital

Payment after the employee starts the job

Free employee replacement – 3 months

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Our specialization

Front-end developers

Back-end developers

iOS & Android developers

Data science specialists

Information Security specialists

System Administrators


QA / testers

Product managers

Project managers

Business analysts

Digital marketing



    Free employee replacement
    3 months.


    Average recruitment time
    from 15 to 40 days.


    We are more effective than the internal

  • FEES

    Payment after the employee starts the job.

The way we work

  1. 1

    We clarify your requirements for the vacancy

  2. 2

    We receive a list of open-ended questions for applicants from you

  3. 3

    We search in the external data bases and social networks

  4. 4

    We conduct over 20 interviews daily, each over 30 minutes long

  5. 5

    You choose the candidates that are right for YOU and we arrange the interviews

  6. 6

    Employee starts the job and only after that you pay our fee


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